Land Trusts

Support local landowners/managers

  • A huge quantity of our local trails are on lands owned and maintained by the Bangor Land Trust and Orono Land Trust. These land trusts must balance conservation and the recreational needs of their many users. Mountain bikers are one of the largest user group on these trails and riders have contributed hours of in-kind trail work over the years. Yet, very few mountain bikers are due paying members of either land trust. Please consider joining or making a donation to these organizations. Your additional support shows that conservation and trails are not mutually exclusive. Here are the links: 
    BLT Donate Page
    OLT Donate Page
  • Other landowners/managers include, but are not limited to:
    • The University of Maine
    • Town of Dedham
    • City of Bangor
    • Town of Orono
    • Town of Veazie
    • Town of Old Town
  • “The very best mountain bikers work hard to transform land for the better and create new places to ride, whereas the worst ones undermine all that with just a fraction of the effort. And while that new bike may smooth out the terrain or help you rail that corner, no amount of suspension is going to help you with the most technical obstacle of all: human interaction.” -Eben Weiss, Outside Magazine